Jenifer Daley



Pastor Jenifer Daley grew up on the tropical island of Jamaica and graduated from the University of the West Indies in preparation for a career in finance and business. Eventually going into banking, she moved to the United Kingdom where she achieved her Chartered Certified Accountant designation, the British equivalent of a CPA. Furthering her career she subsequently pursued a Ph.D. in Economics and Banking (University of Wales, Cardiff).

During these years, however, she sensed God’s calling to go deeper into His Word. Obedient to that direction, she eventually enrolled here at Andrews University, where she completed her studies for a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at the Seminary and graduated in 2019.

What drew her to our attention here at Pioneer were two volunteer activities she initiated: (1) she joined our Treasury team as a volunteer, entering financial data into our computer; and (2) she became a regular member of our Wednesday evening House of Prayer experience, eventually assisting the pastors in leading out in the praise-study-prayer services. She also served on our Volunteer Engagement Committee (Nominating Committee).

Her unique skills in financial analysis and systems operation, her passion for the Word of God, and her contagious love of Jesus and love for people are special gifts for such a time as this.

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