7 Steps for a New Way to Pray

Think back to your last heartfelt meaningful prayer; has it been a while? Has your prayer life felt stale, routine, or boring? Watch this video and consider 7 steps to help raise your "prayer bar."

DIY Guide Summary

  1. Daily communication with Jesus
    • Early morning
    • Twenty (20) minutes
  2. Gospels only
    • Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
    • Study the whole Bible, but let your morning worship come from the story of Jesus
  3. Read only one story (an incident, miracle, parable, teaching, etc.)
  4. Reread to relive.
    • Full sensory experience
    • Picture yourself there
    • Focus on Jesus
  5. What does this tell me about my Savior and Friend Jesus?
  6. Journal—react in writing to your encounter
    • Date and verse in red
    • Write an email (letter) to Jesus
    • Write an email (letter) from Jesus 
  7. Kneel down prayer
    • Dedication of the day
    • Intercessory prayer list (the people you’re praying for)