Grow Groups

Grow Groups Are Growing Better Together

Pioneer and the Andrews University Center for Faith Engagement have partnered to provide a collection of small groups for our community, church members, and students on campus. These small groups are designed around three values:

  • Shared interest
  • Spiritual connection
  • Fun

Groups are semester-based and are run two times a year, starting in January and August. We encourage everyone to lead or participate in a small group as they take another step in their walk with Jesus.

While the list of groups are divided into Campus and Community small groups this separation is only to make so it is easier for you to find the group that best fits your interests and needs. Nearly all groups are open to individuals from either campus or community. If you don’t see a group on either list that meets your needs, please reach out to us at to talk to us about getting one started. 


Share a Grow Group Story

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