Pioneer Welcomes New Lead Pastor  —  

On March 22, 2023, Shane Anderson was confirmed as lead pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church, becoming the fifth lead pastor to shepherd the campus church of Andrews University.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 21:00

Pioneer Media Projects

7 Steps for a New Way to Pray

Think back to your last heartfelt meaningful prayer; has it been a while? Has your prayer life felt stale, routine, or boring? Watch this video and consider 7 steps to help raise your "prayer bar."

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Hope Trending

"Hope Trending: A Crash Course on How to Live Without Fear" is a live, global series of presentations with speaker Dwight K. Nelson. Explore how to replace your greatest fears with fresh Hope for a new journey.

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iPerceive: A Future You Can Count On

iPerceive, with Dr. Dwight K. Nelson, discusses our future here on this planet through a series of teachings.

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These presentations are edited versions of a series of lectures delivered by Dr. Dwight K. Nelson.

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The Tent

The Junior High students from Ruth Murdoch Elementary School hold The Tent meetings each year. We invite you to support our kids by watching and invitomg a friend or family member to watch too, so they can get to know Jesus better.

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