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Renovate: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the project begin?
A: The project is currently scheduled to begin in May and completed by September, 2019 pending weather conditions.

Q: What will acoustical treatments accomplish as it relates to clarity of sound?
A: Our plans allow for both better control of sound and provide clarity of spoken word, while giving us the flexibility to adjust the room acoustics depending on the need.

Q: What changes are being made to allow for a longer roof life?
A: Space will be created for airflow, resulting in longer life of the shingles.

Q: How do I made a donation?
A: Donate online to set up a one-time or recurring gift through Adventist Giving or mail a check to 8655 University Blvd., Berrien Springs, MI 49103 and write “Renovate” on the memo line.