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Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 18:25

Junior Sabbath School

Welcome Juniors!

Three Junior Sabbath Schools actively engage 4th through 6th graders in learning to love and live for Jesus, using the Gracelink Junior PowerPoints curriculum adapted to our richly diverse and large groups. Juniors must check in but can arrive and leave their rooms without parent/guardians accompanying them.

Families interested in meeting in person are invited to apply now for our Summer 1 Sabbath School groups for kids and parents. If your family is committed to safety guidelines and parent volunteering, text SUMMERSS to 269-28-12345 or click below. Wait until Summer 2 if you will be away for more than one sabbath in May 15 to June 26. Weekly Sabbath School videos and monthly outdoor adventures will continue through Summer.

Apply now. All welcome. Space limited. Conditions apply.

Lesson Study Resources


  1. Grade 4&5 Juniors: Read the PowerPoint lesson, listen to podcasts, and do activities including memorizing Bible verses. Choose the lesson with next Sabbath's date.
  2. Grade 6 Juniors: Meet via video conference with lessons provided to members directly.


  1. Guide Magazine & activities are free online during the pandemic.
  2. Please give your offering online. Expense offering is needed to continue ordering printed Sabbath School materials.
  3. Enjoy learning more about God and His plans for us through these resources freely available online:
  4. Join the Evergreen Pathfinder Club

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