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Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 00:29


Children's Celebration of Christmas


Saturday, December 12, 2020
Opening Music
"O Children, Come Quickly" • Kenneth Logan
Kenneth Logan, Minister of Music, Pioneer Memorial Church
Welcome & Prayer
Ben Martin, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Opening Hymn
"O Come, All Ye Faithful"
Congregational Prayer
Gooden Family
Worship in Music
"Breath of Heaven"
Mann Family
Worship in Music
"Mary's Boy Child"
Martin Hanna, vocal; Brenton Offenback, piano
Lindsey Pratt, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Worship in Music
"Wexford Carol"
Bailey and Helbley Families
da Costa Family
Worship in Music
"What Child Is This"
Press Family
Rodlie Ortiz, Associate Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Worship in Music
"The First Noel"
Hanan and Micaiah Legoh; Brenton Offenback, piano
Mbaiwa Family
Worship in Music
"We Three Kings"
Alex Markovich, vocal; Brenton Offenback, piano
Ben Martin, Associate Pastor
Worship in Music
"Love is on the Move"
Reid Family
Worship in Music
"Simple Gifts"
Anthony WagenerSmith
Lindsey Pratt, Ben Martin, Associate Pastors, Pioneer Memorial Church
Closing Music
"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" • Gordon Young
Kenneth Logan, Minister of Music, Pioneer Memorial Church
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Women's Ministries

Pioneer Women’s Ministries engages women in Christ-centered discipleship, fellowship and service to glorify God through prayerfully planned activities and events. We are inviting you to participate in a survey that will help plan these activities and events this year. We would be delighted to hear from you either by completing the online survey or by phone by calling Lyn McCarty at 269-208-3377.

Take the Survey

Lead or Join a Grow Group

It's a fresh new year, and it's time for a fresh new Grow Groups season! Grow Groups are Pioneer's small groups that incorporate 5 S's: Shared interest, Spiritual touchpoint, Service project, Social event, Semester-based. That's it, in a nutshell! Grow Groups are for EVERYONE—all welcome to join.

Leaders, if you are passionate about something and want to use that to foster community and lead others to Jesus, we can probably help you turn that passion into a Grow Group! Let us know as soon as possible because the deadline to sign up to lead a group is January 21. For more information please email or visit to sign up.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • Digital Group Leader Registration Deadline: January 21
  • Leader Orientation (via Zoom): February 1, 7:00 PM
  • Spring Grow Groups Meet: February 7 – May 1

Lead a Grow Group


Year-end Contribution Statements

It is almost time for you to receive your Year-end Contribution Statement. Pioneer knows that you have had an unusual year and wants to make it easy for you to receive your Year-end Contribution Statement. This time around, you will receive your Contribution Statement easily and conveniently via email. If you have not recently updated your contact details, please email with your current email address to ensure that you receive your statement. Thank you!

Military Service Connection

"Military life can be a lonely life away from family on deployment," notes James North, Pioneer's Servicepersons Coordinator. "Military families may have a difficult time in a foreign country even though they are together," he continues. "I spent 358 days (I marked each day on a self-created calendar) in Viet Nam away from my wife and 3 toddler daughters. My access to some of the following material was vital."

SDA military persons may receive complimentary subscriptions to Adventist Review, the Adult Bible Study Guide (Sabbath School), and For God and Country and the choice of 2 journals from Guide, Liberty, Message, Our Little Friend, Primary Treasure, Signs of the Times, and Vibrant Life.

A 2021 order form and instructions are found on page 28 of the current issue of For God and Country and I will post a copy of the form in next week's bulletin. If you have military Adventist family members we invite you to send this information to them.