Three Ways to Give

I’d like to share with you three new ways you can partner with me in reaching this generation for Christ through cyberspace, television and the radio.   If you are one of the hundreds of people who read my blog each week, or one of the thousands of people who subscribe to the sermon podcasts, you may be willing to consider one of the following three levels of support for this ministry as the Sprit leads and you are able:

  • Editor’s Choice club member at $25/mo.  As a token of our appreciation we will send you our current Editor’s Choice sermons—the sermons our editorial staff feels have an unusual appeal and application for the times in which we live.
  • Supporter at $50/mo.  In addition to the Editor’s Choice sermons, I would also like to send you my book, Outrageous Grace
  • Partner at $100/mo.  Our thank you will include a subscription to all of the current sermons I preach for broadcast at PMC and my book Outrageous Grace.


Your monthly contribution can be set up easily by clicking here.  Withdrawals will occur at the beginning of each month.  


But even more important than your contribution, I earnestly solicit your prayers for this ministry.  These are momentous times, so please be praying that all of our messages via internet, radio and TV will be empowered by the Spirit of Christ to lead people on every continent of this earth closer to Jesus.  As we say here at Pioneer—forward on our knees.