Details, details—they really do make a difference, don’t they?

Details, details—they really do make a difference, don’t they? As soon as the polls closed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this Tuesday night, the state Republican party sent a news release to media outlets announcing the winner of the statewide GOP presidential primary: “In a close-fought victory, Senator John McCain succeeded again (in) the Michigan Republican primary, winning over a traditionally unpredictable voter base in Michigan.” The only problem with the release was that it wasn’t true.  Five minutes later the party sent out a second release: “In a close-fought victory, native-son Governor Mitt Romney won an important contest here tonight.”  A GOP spokesman later explained: “Heading into tonight, this race was too close to call, so we prepared a release for either scenario. We simply pushed the wrong button.” (SBTribune 1-16-08) Details, details. Click “send” on the wrong message, and we’re all in trouble. Which may help explain why there is such noisy confusion over the origin of earth these days. According to the ancient Scriptures, this planet was created by God in six days, and “it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). But subsequently somebody hit “send” to the wrong message, and a critical detail of the divine creation has been omitted! Namely, that the Creator didn’t conclude with six days, but in fact intentionally included the seventh day upon which he “ended his work” and “rested” (Genesis 2:2).  But unfortunately the message somebody is sending to this generation omits any mention of that divine gift day. Consequently a billion Christian believers are attempting to prove to a skeptical world the existence of a Creator, all the while abandoning the compelling reminder of the Creator, his seventh day gift day called the Sabbath. And that is why this blog and this community of faith are devoted to “resending” the correct message as far and wide as possible. Because the details really do matter. For Christendom to laudably champion the divine Creator but all the while reject (or at best neglect to remember) the divine Sabbath not only compromises its biblical witness, but confuses its message and cripples its effort to win this skeptical generation. Details, details—because they really do make a difference, don’t they? Which is why it’s time for us all to revisit God’s gift day. For in the gift of the seventh day, God has actually given himself. And that’s a message worth hitting “send” for any day! (Please download the entire “The Sabbath” series here and examine the evidence for yourself.)