Company is Coming

This morning we are going to examine a story that took place long ago in the village of Bethany.  It’s a story you may have heard many times; however, it is full of meaning for us in the 21st century.  Something profound took place that day in Bethany.  Luke tells the story in his gospel, chapter 10, verses 38-42.  Now let’s join Martha as she tries to go to sleep.

It felt as if the night would never end.  Why?  Because her mind was whirling a thousand miles a second as she rehearsed all she planned to do the following day.  Finally she must have drifted off to sleep because her alarm, the lusty cock-a-doodle doo of her neighbor’s rooster, announced it was time to get up.<

Rolling out of bed and onto her knees, she offered a prayer of thankfulness and a request for guidance for the day’s activities.  Then, with energy and anticipation, she prepared to face the day.  Today was special; company was coming…

(In setting the scene, I have adapted excerpts from a sermon prepared by NAD women’s ministries leaders, Jean Parchment and Carla Baker.  I have also quoted from the book, “Daughters of Grace:  Experiencing God Through Their Stories” authored by a favorite writer, Trudy J. Morgan-Cole.)