Megas Seismos

On April 1 an 8.2 magnitude earthquake erupted in the shallow ocean floor off the coast of northern Chile. It’s was no April Fools prank. The energy force the quake released was the equivalent of over 30 megatons—thirty million tons—of TNT. For comparison, a 1 megaton bomb is capable of destroying 80 square miles. Imagine thirty times that destructive force and reach! The story of Easter, as told by Matthew in the original Greek, describes a massive temblor that predawn morning: “There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it” (Matthew 28:2). The words Matthew chose are megas seismos—from whence comes our English transliteration to describe a “mega seismic” event. Interestingly, those same two Greek words describe the “mega seismic” event that marks the end of earth’s history as we know it, immediately preceding the fiery, glorious return of Christ (see Revelation 16:18). An earthquake when He died, an earthquake when He arose, and an earthquake when He returns—you get the impression that Christ is the Lord of unbridled power, do you not? Power not measured in megatons of weaponry, but given the cosmic war He leads to rescue this rebel planet from its dark and fallen warlord, power measured in the liberated and set-free lives of human beings who cry to Him for rescue. This Wednesday evening the sanctuary of our campus church was occupied by men, women, young adults and teenagers who gathered together for a special prayer and anointing service. For the past three Sabbaths we have confronted the enemy’s diabolical challenge to the lordship of Christ through demonic addictions. Nobody ever plans to become addicted. The devil’s strategy behind every addiction is to lure us through the tempting bait of pleasure, gratification, appetite, social conformity—we all know (all too well) the can of bait the enemy turns to in order to hook us. But the profoundly good news that pervaded this sanctuary last Wednesday is the glad tidings that permeate this Easter: “If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!” (John 8:36). Couple that promise with this one: “Christ’s death and resurrection have opened before every soul an unlimited source of power from which to draw” (RH 11-5-1901). Unbridled, undiluted, unlimited megas seimos power from the risen Christ straight to you. Ask for it, ask for Him. And the earth will quake over your deliverance!